Love (1998 - 2006)

Ilfochrome Ciba Classic Print, aluminium mount, Denglas and frame

I work in a way where information and research become a crucial starting point in my work. This allows me to put certain myths and realities to the test.

It is important the work expresses beauty and tenderness. The spaces have special atmosphere and the space around it has an intense beauty. It is sad and has a subdued air about it. For me the earth was coming off its hinges.

A landscape mediated through a solitary individual. A little sunlight and big sky with the edges of plantain trees and the puffy clouds bring thunder, lightning and brief, pounding rain. The atmosphere of weeping sky. I need to understand large scale betrayal, grief, love, violence, spirituality.

Details of work

Moths Coiled
Ilfochrome Ciba Classic Print
1270mm x 1600mm
Additional info:
Aluminium mount, Denglas and frame (2001 - 2006)

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