Out of Blue (2002)

Super 16mm colour film, DVD transfer, 24min-25sec (single screen installation) commissioned and co-produced by Documenta 11.

This project is about learning to listen to "difference", the difference in shadows, microcosms and sensitivity to difference in its various forms. Listening with the eyes, listening to changes in tone, difference of colour. It attempts to link to similar disturbances that have taken place in Kosovo and Rwanda. The work is not a personal indulgence; it is about making sense through the medium of aesthetics. It is a question that is close to my heart since the significant ethical issues have a resonance for me. I want to register these issues, to mark has what has happened; elimination, extermination and erasure. Within the broader questions of difference an important part of the project would be the possibility of creative difference. Such a combination of personal and public aspects holds a particular resonance at the start of 21st century. I would hope that the work that emerges would be distanced from its personal or historical specifications.


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Out of Blue
16mm film and transfer to DVD
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