She loved to breathe - Pure silence (1987)

In the collection Victoria and Albert Museum, London UK

In the installation version of this work piles of spices red and yellow are placed in front of each panel. Eight images sandwiched in plexi-glass hanging from the ceiling.

"Photographs hung in space above a Jackson Pollock-like scattering of chili powder and turmeric on the gallery floor. She tinted the photographs, applied words to muslin used silkscreen printing and included a pair of surgical rubber gloves. In the 1970s there were extraordinary cases, reported by The Guardian, of immigrant women from the Indian subcontinent being intimately examined, to determine their virginity, by Home Office officials - wearing surgical gloves."

By Mark Haworth-Booth The British Journal of Photography, 24th March 1994

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She loved to breathe - Pure silence (detail view)
Images sandwiched in plexi-glass
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